Monday, October 20, 2008

mini sketch dump

Worked all weekend- which is boo- but got a lot of stuff done which is great 'cause now it's out of the way.

Saw Max Payne...SO BAD. Like...HOLY SHIT. Ok, I have SUPER low standards for action movies. Shoot some guns, punch some people in the face, and I am thrilled. Somehow...SOMEHOW Max Payne took guns + drugs + slow motion + conspiracy = SO MUCH SHIT. Man, how do you get shooting things SO wrong uhg uhg.

Started watching Torchwood. It's fucking brilliant and surprisingly violent.

And now some sketches:

Kitri from comic thing me and vv are doing on the left- trying to decide what markings she has (trying to go for poisonous frog looking), next Yaya and Kane in Halloween gear (vv's doing 24 hour comic thing today so I stole the cute costumes she drew in her comic), and lastly Cauf again. I need to draw more!!!