Tuesday, April 21, 2009

ink practice #4

Man, I am working through these SO slow. I'll get there!!

This time I got to play with fydbac's awesome stuff! I wanted to try a little more then just solid shadows so there's some simple contour liney things going on. Not sure if I did it well but at least got comfortable enough to do it! This character sheet looked so cool! I was so stoked to try and ink it! Used Zebra brush pen and uniball signo bit .18 mostly.

edit: I hate posting images huge but I guess you can't even see the sorta line I was talking about there 'cause I barely did it and it's pretty small so here's a bigger version of the end result: BIGGER VERSION


  1. adriana said...

    YES!!!!! whoaa! i'm so amazed by these, you do such slick shit and i'm always really excited to see what kind of effect cool inking can have on art. ahh COOL! @__@!! you gave everything such cool depth!!